For kids aged 3 to 9 years

Hockey, rugby,cricket, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf and tennis. 9 ball-sports coupled with diverse fitness drills is the best child-development recipe, which our programs offers. The program focuses not only on physical and sport skills but also on cognitive and social skills. 


Each day we practice a different sport, giving kids the opportunity to practice a variety of basic sports skills, like passing, shooting & scoring, throwing, catching and swinging. Whether we’re teaching toddlers how to kick or pre-teens how to bat, our goal is the same: to give kids the tools to get in the game and leave them with the desire to stay in the game. Fitokids offers a big variety of Multi-Sport programs designed to teach kids the Fundamental Movement Skills they need to get in the game, including power, stamina, balance, reaction-time and coordination. 


We help children develop natural athleticism, preparing them for later specialization. As the child progresses through the Fitokids' curriculum, coaches zero in on sport-specific skills along with fundamental-movement skills through exciting, skill-focused play. The complexity, speed, accuracy and discipline tend to increase with time as your kid continues his/her journey in Fitokids. Eventually we try to make a kid excel in a specific sport of his/her interest and caliber. It is with time and through multiple assessments that coaches are able to identify the hidden talent in your child. And it is our 'Vision' to create future sportsperson out of Fitokids by giving them all that it takes from good coaches to good platforms to good guidance as they grow.

Delhi, India

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